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What is a QR code? You may have seen one. It looks like this:

QR Code

No, it's not modern art. QR codes can be read by using a free Barcode Reader app for smartphones. The application for QR codes is a varied as one's objectives. The code can link to a simple coupon, it can be a link to driving directions, it can trigger a text message request, it can connect the smartphone with a tourism business's front desk. QR codes can be placed on a poster, or be part of a brochure. Of course, they can be incorporated into your touch-screen information at the Virginia Welcome Centers too! Smartphones will scan the code directly from the touch-screen - or a print-out from the kiosk.
The QR codes are a means for Virginia's tourism businesses to better reach those travelers with Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, or other smartphones. The QR code allows a lot of information to be placed in the hands of these travelers using very little space. And it's Green - nothing needs to be printed.
Highway Information Media, LLC is Virginia Tourism's partner for providing electronic touch-screen information kiosks in Virginia's Welcome Centers along the Interstates. Eight of the kiosks were launched in 2010, and over 1.6 million screen-views (clicks) were tracked during the initial year. The goal is to help tourism businesses get their information in front of this moving audience when they are using the rest rooms or vending machines, and want information on Virginia's attractions. Listings on the touch-screen Welcome Center network can be revised monthly. For more information about the touch-screen program and using QR codes, or to enroll, call Highway Information Media, LLC at 804-432-0497; 804-677-7444; or 804-432-4138.