Marketing and Sales Strategy Overview


Highway Information Media, LLC

Highway Information Media


HIM is an aggressive, innovative company that supplies the tourism industry with an effective, affordable way to reach the traveling public.

"Self Service" is a growing aspect of the American marketplace. Consumers are increasingly engaged in and self-directing their purchases and information activities. Consumers do more of the labor in the modern consumption cycle (self-serve gas pumps, self-checkout grocery lanes, self-check-in at airports and hotels, and Internet retailing). Alvin Toffler, author of Future Shock, has termed this a melding of production+consumption, creating "prosumers".

Marketing segmentation AND ANALYSIS:

  • The Prosumer Leisure Traveler

Research released in 2008 noted that more than 60% of leisure travelers have done minimal pre-travel planning. In fact, almost 40% of these leisure travelers reported as having done NO pre-travel planning. The need for information with this audience is significant.

HIM's program gives the prosumer control with the ability to search for information that fills an immediate need (lodging, shopping, meals, and entertainment). The "three-touch" structure of the kiosks allows travelers to drill-down quickly, and get the information wanted without a lengthy time investment.

An added benefit to the prosumer is that HIM's kiosks are available 24 hours a day! This extended accessibility allows marketing messages for immediate needs (lodging, meals, gasoline) to be delivered regardless of a Welcome Center's operating hours.

  • Tourism Industry Business Members

Tourism contributes billions to every state's economy. Helping tourism industry businesses grow is a smart economic development initiative. HIM's program affords all levels of tourism industry businesses an opportunity to participate. Such businesses include, but are not limited to, entertainment venues, hotels, gas stations, restaurants, shopping venues, and Convention and Visitors Bureaus.

HIM's program allows these participants to track the effectiveness of their advertisements with monthly detailed reporting. This reporting includes the number of hits on every business's kiosk listing, and the number of times directions and special offer coupons are printed.

  • Tourism Departments, CVBs, and DOTs

Because HIM's program is designed to reach in-transit visitors at high-traffic locations (Welcome Centers and Rest Areas), partnering with DOTs and Tourism Departments is a given. The key word is Partner! HIM has structured its program in the form of a Public/Private Partnership. In return for access to the Welcome Centers and Rest Areas, HIM assumes responsibility for capital investment, program administration, and marketing.

Further, once agreed-upon costs and capital investments have been met, HIM implements a shared-revenue program with its Public Partner. The end result: HIM's Public Partner has the potential of increasing revenues for its operating budget!


  • Information for Advertisers

After a state or regional tourism department has decided to partner with Highway Information Media, HIM deploys a direct-sales effort. We reach out to the tourism industry members in the participating state or region. Enrollment opportunities are promoted via direct mail, conference presentations, e-marketing, direct sales, and referrals. Networking with trade associations also helps create awareness for the program.

Because HIM's program enhances existing marketing, a business case is presented showing the potential for revenue growth for each advertiser. The realities of "prosumerism" are detailed, and the ROI pro-formas are discussed.

Advertisers can enroll in the program immediately via the Internet using HIM's Enrollment Form, by fax, by mail, or via an in-person presentation.