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Increase your Visibility and Revenue - Advertise in the Virginia Welcome Centers and Rest Areas!

Make sure you are represented. Utilize the VWCs' and SRAs' advertising tools!
"P/MAP" was established to expand the VDOT and Virginia Tourism Corporation travel services and marketing opportunities at the Commonwealth's 30 Safety Rest Areas and 11 Welcome Centers. Highway Information Media, LLC,, will be managing the advertising and marketing opportunities for our industry partners in Virginia's Welcome Centers and Rest Areas.

Welcome Center Tourism Blitz
Let us help you get the most "bang" for your buck! Reel in our Virginia travelers and showcase your destination at a Virginia Welcome Center, for an entire month! Customize your blitz options when you take advantage of custom displays, event days, service counter exposure, and even logo-wear advertising. These are just a few of the options that your organization can use during its Welcome Center Tourism Blitz.
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Brochure Program
All Virginia Welcome Centers and Safety Rest Areas are designed to display a variety of brochures and promotional materials, from standard brochure slots to free-standing brochure racks. The investment parameters for participation in P/MAP's Brochure Program depend on the size of your brochure, the number of locations designated for placement, and the length of commitment.
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Currently, six Welcome Centers have Translites. P/MAP offers two sizes of Translites dependent upon the lightbox structure. The portable lightbox is 24" wide by 36" tall. The fixed lightbox is 23" wide by 36" tall.
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Advertising Display Panels
A select few of our centers have laminated image display panels, some enhanced by spotlights and some utilizing new framing and fixtures. Image display panels are available in various sizes and are priced accordingly.
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Digital Spotlights
All Virginia Welcome Centers have 20 Digital Spotlights available per quarter. For a minimal investment, you can use a spotlight to highlight destinations, attractions, and even special events. Digital monitors or frames are located on the service counter for maximum exposure.
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Highway Headlines
Highway Information Media offers mobile marketing vehicles. Whether you are promoting your business, events, or attractions, this is a big eye-catcher. Audiences respond positively to truck-side advertising.
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